Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Audio Books and ipods

I just got an ipod shuffle for my birthday.  Never had anything quite like this aside from a cheap mp3 player that up and quit on me a few months ago.  I listen to talk radio at work since FM music channels are bland and repetitive (now that I think about it talk radio can be just that), but I would like to listen to the music of my choosing, and I like to listen to the songs in the order the band put them on the album, which I couldn't do with my old mp3 because it alphabetized the tracks, which irritated me.

The ipod is very cool.  I put on a Pantera album and a Mr. Bungle album and they sound great (I use my own headphones -- I hate those stupid ear buds people use these days), but what is really cool is that I found some websites with free public domain audio books.  This may very well be the coolest damn thing I've discovered in some time.  I can listen to books while I work...  I can listen to books while I work!

Today I listened to Robert Bloch's This Crowded Earth as well as a Sir Conan Arthur Doyle story.  For tomorrow I loaded up a collection of Lovecraft stories (most of which I have already read) as well as Robert W. Chambers' The King in Yellow and more Doyle stories.  No music.

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