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"Robert Essig has crafted one creepy-as-hell tale of modern gothic horror that sets an ominous tone from the first few words and never lets up. Told from the POV of an unconventional narrator with secrets of her own, Salpsan is a dark, dark story that will prove you wrong several times when you think you know where it's going. I enjoyed it immensely, and can't wait to read more from this writer!" -- James Newman (author of Odd Man Out, Animosity, and Ugly As Sin)

"With Salspan, Essig takes you on a twisted journey through the Spanish hillside;
one full of intrigue, memorable characters and hellish encounters. This is a story that will stick with you, long after turning the last page. --K. Trap Jones, author of The Charm Hunter, The Sinner and The Harvester

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In Black (Grand Mal Press)

Chase Little thought he’d been hired to do some painting, but when the paint dried, it created a black void that leads to a dungeon. Appalled yet fascinated, he flees, burning down the house and stealing the inky liquid. Fearing that he will be arrested for arson, Chase and his girlfriend Leah flee to the rundown town of Needles in the Mojave Desert.

Leah soon disappears, leaving him alone, learning too late of the true nature of the black paint and the evil that lies beyond the veil of darkness it creates. He was warned about the black paint, but didn’t listen. Now he has to find and destroy it before more innocent lives succumb to its unfathomable darkness.

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People of the Ethereal Realm (Post Mortem Press)

"People of the Ethereal Realm is a wicked tale of possession and mayhem that is sure to unnerve the most seasoned horror fan! It's original, frightening, and very creepy! A ghost tale with razor sharp teeth! I loved it!"

--David Bernstein, author of Damaged Souls and
Machines of the Dead

"Robert Essig's voice is a beautiful thing. He wields it like a handcrafted baseball bat, and People of the Ethereal Realm is Essig at his finest, with a story that hits hard but leaves pretty scars."

--Craig Saunders, author of Rain and A Home by the Sea

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Through the In between, Hell Awaits (Grand Mal Press)

Austin Wheeler roams the earth in search of meaning, of something tangible to fill the void his wealthy upbringing left him with.  Rich Wompler, tired of his routine life, left his family to follow his favorite rock band on their west coast tour.  Witness to an unusual and bizarre murder they find themselves on two very different paths that lead to a crossroad called the In Between where demons and monstrosities roam freely.

Will they make it out of the In between alive, or will they remain stranded in a realm where pain is limitless and suffering can stretch beyond eternity?

“Essig brings a fat slice of urban horror combined with his uniquely abstract vision of a hellish world. Endless suffering abounds! For fans of down and dirty horror!” - Daniel I. Russell, author of Samhane

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"The Madness" (novella) Featured in the Blood Bound Books release Scarecrow and The Madness.

All Tony wanted was to get out of Colorado, or even just to his house, before the storm hit. All Dan wanted was to quiet that little tickle in the back of his brain—the one he couldn’t quite itch without the help of a bottle—and keep things the way they were with his family. But when the biggest snow storm since the blizzard of 2003 brings these men together, nobody’s going to get what they want. And before the storm blows over, both men will be in a struggle for their lives, and sanity. Who will survive THE MADNESS?


"Cemetery Tour" (novella) in The Road to Hell (Post Mortem Press).

Three college students decide to spend their Spring Break taking a driving tour of cemeteries across the southwest of America. When they discover a dug up grave in one of the cemeteries their trip becomes much more than they had anticipated.  Mystery, intrigue, horror!

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Anatomy of Fear: A Collection

This collection of 10 short stories was as a self published limited time only ebook with a small excerpt from my novel People of the Ethereal Realm that had been forthcoming from a now defunct publisher. I removed the listing from amazon when the contract expired. Below is a list of the stories incLuded.

1. The Devil's Workshop
2. Death in the Flower Fields of My Mind
3. Behind the Chipping Veneer
4. The Safest Place on Earth
5. Cacti Mirage
6. The Price of a Priceless Painting
7. Autumn Soup
8. A Crack in the Silver Lining
9. Blood Mobile
10. A Step Toward Redemption


Pantomime (Panic Press)

Pantomime contains four dark tales sure to chill you to the marrow. In the title story you will read about a house that contains an entity and the disasters of science interfering with the uncanny process of the supernatural. In "A Step Toward Redemption" you’ll find out that the past haunts, and sometimes it takes an atrocity to make things right. Can a man with a heinous past truly redeem his soul? In "The Old Man", you’ll discover that some things are stronger than life itself, and some folks will go to extreme measures in the name of love, as one old man discovers when an even older man appears on his front porch looking as if he has one foot in the grave. In the final tale "A Crack in the Silver Lining" a man struggles with the demons of his past that filter through a crack in the ceiling above his bed. He must learn what was hidden from him to avoid his personal demons infiltrating his children. After reading Pantomime you may very well wonder about the creaks in the night or that sudden chill or if the glowing eyes in the closet is the cat or something else, something unnatural, something evil. Just remind yourself that the paranormal does not exist.


Short Stories:

A Lesson in Renegade Filmmaking (with Jack Bantry) in Dark Moon Digest #25 (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)
High Fashion in Splatterpunk's Not Dead
Starving Artist in San Diego Horror Porofessionals Vol. 1
Names in the Sidewalk in 44 Lies by 22 Authors (Post Mortem Press)
Moonlight Sonata in 44 Lies by 22 Authors
Meeting the Quota in 44 Lies by 22 Authors
Inflatable War in DarkFuse Magazine

Clarissa (with Jack Bantry) in Campfire Stories for Grown-Ups and Years Best Hardcore Horror Vol. 1 (Comet Press)
Hooked on Strange Story Saturdays (Strangehouse Books)
Like Ants on a Carcass on Eldritch Press online
Molting in Widowmakers a James Newman Benefit anthology
Teppan-Yucky in Dark Eclipse and The Best of Dark Eclipse
Cramped published in the "extras" section of the Grand Mal Press website
Wicking (with Jack Bantry) in Splatterpunk 4
Dr Scabs and the Hags of El Cajon in DOA II (Blood Bound Books)
The Nostalgiac in Fear the Abyss (Post Mortem Press)
Fountain of Eternity in Cover of Darkness (Sam's Dot Publishing)
Tale of the Abnormal Beauty Queen in Darker Minds (Dark Minds Press)
The Suicide Program in Undead Tales 2 (Rymfire eBooks)
Like Father, Like Daughter in Night Terrors (Kayelle Press)
Skeletons in the Basement in Dead Souls (Post Mortem Press)
Contents of a Canvas Bag in Look What I Found (NorGus Press)
Window to the Soul in Rock is Dead (Blood Bound Books)
Back for More in Necrotic Tissue # 14
The Hitman Who Never Used a Gun in Made You Flinch (Library of Horror)
The Fruits of Incubation in Alienology (Library of Horror)
The Lakatos Clan in Sideshow Fables #3
Glutton for Punishment in DOA (Blood Bound Books)
Rusted Roots in the.gloaming magazine
In Bloom in Seasons in the Abyss (Blood Bound Books)
Nature is a Cruel Beast in Seasons in the Abyss (Blood Bound Books)
Trapped Under Ice in Season in the Abyss (Blood Bound Books)
A Crack in the Silver Lining in Pantomime chapbook (Panic Press)
A Step Toward Redemption in Pantomime chapbook (Panic Press)
A Night to Last Forever in Uncanny Allegories (Post Mortem Press)
Dilapidated Souls in Abandoned 2
An Abominable San Diego Winter in Everyday Weirdness
Brain Food in Everyday Weirdness
The Faint Ringing of Bells in The Zombist (Library of the Living Dead)
Patrolling the Outer Rim in Hungur (Sam's Dot Publishing)
Berserk: Brennon's Story in Novus Creatura (Aurora Wolf)
Beneath the Floorboards in The Scroll of Anubis (Library of Horror)
Rosco the Clown in Sideshow Fables Peep Show & Daily Flash 365 days of Flash Fiction (Pill Hill Press)
The Devil's in the Alcohol in Daily Flash: 365 days of Flash Fiction (Pill Hill Press)
Sub-Zero in Zombonauts (Library of the Iiving Dead)
The Woman of His Discontent in Dark Things (Pill Hill Press)
The Truth About Scarecrows in Dark Things III (Pill Hill Press)
Only Three Dead Presidents in Night Terrors (Blood Bound Books)
Jack Laroo's Magical Pumpkins in It was a Dark and Stormy Halloween (Whortleberry Press)
Hanging Around Singing Death Songs in Bards and Sages Quarterly
The Really Big Prize in Bloody Carnival (Pill Hill Press)
A Strange Means of Suicide in Flash! (Static Movement)
The Amazing Talking Vampire Head in House of Horror
By Maggots Be Driven in Abaculus III (Leucrota Press)
Tale Spinner in Ethereal Tales
Dark Side of the Tomb in Night Chills
A Witch's Worst Enemy in Tales of the Talisman
Travis' Imaginings in Withersin
Pantomime in Tales of the Talisman & Pantomime chapbook (Panic Press)
The Safest Place on Earth in Sinister Tales
A Paranoid Rant in The Nocturnal Lyric
The Old Man in Cemetery Moon & Pantomime chapbook (Panic Press)

Coming Soon:

The Ballad of Hank R. Chief in DarkFuse Magazine