Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Critique by Daniel I. Russell

Critique is the story of harsh restaurant critic Sandy Devanche who finds something rich and invigorating through the doors of The House of Jacob, where is is introduced to something he never could have prepared himself for. Taken down the strange and often times horrifying road to redemption he is forced to deal with his past demons in a most unusual way.

This may very well be the best book I've read this year.  From beginning to end everything in this novella is top notch.  The characters are so real you feel their horror and yearning, the plot so rich and textured that you cannot put the book down.  Russell's ability to lay down smooth prose makes for a most joyous trip into Mr. Devanche's worst nightmares.  Not an overly gory slice of horror, Critique does tread some disturbing territory of which Russell weaves effortlessly.

For those who haven't read this novella yet, what are you waiting for?  Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.  You won't regret it.

Available HERE in both print and kindle format.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fear the Abyss

Fear the Abyss is the latest anthology from Post Mortem Press in which the stories blend science fiction with horror. I wrote a story specifically for this anthology called "The Nostalgiac". I have had an idea for a story about and intergalactic moving company that transports relics from a defunct Earth to people now living in the universe. I'd tried to write the story once but it was utter shit. When I was invited to submit to this anthology I knew it was time to revisit that idea. I changed it drastically and wrote the first draft over the period of a few days. After rewrites and some editorial suggestions, I am very pleased with how the story turned out.

Below is the table of contents. I'm honored to share the pages with such talented authors.

• "Cutting the Cord" – Joseph Williams
• "Extraction" – Jessica McHugh
• "Amid the Walking Wounded" – Jack Ketchum
• "A Box of Candy" – Nelson W. Pyles
• "That Which Does Not Kill You" – Matt Moore
• "Human Caverns" – Lawrence C. Connolly
• "The American" – S.C. Hayden
• "What's Left Behind" – C. Bryan Brown
• "Always Something There To Remind Me" - Gary Braunbeck
• "Neptune Dreams" – Rose Blackthorn
• "Broken Promises" – Jamie Lackey
• "The Great Ocean of Truth" – Tim Waggoner
• “Graphic Violence Equalizer" – Michael Arnzen
• "Parasite" – Kenneth W. Cain
• "If Thine Eye Offend Thee" – Thomas Malafarina
• "Seeing" – Harlan Ellison®
• "A Nice Town With Very Clean Streets" – Paul Anderson
• "The Nostalgiac" – Robert Essig
• "Life After Dead" – Jeyn Roberts
• "Andrew and the Better Mouse Trap" – KT Jayne
• "They Still Sing Beautifully" – Brad Carter
• "What We Found" – Andrew Nienaber

Fear the Abyss is slated for a late November release. I will post details when it is available.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I've Been Working On

With work on Through the In Between, Hell Awaits finished (it will be released so damned soon I can taste the blood and grue!) I have had time to work on some other projects that have been set on the back burner, and I would like to get some things finished before editorial work on my Post Mortem Press novel People of the Ethereal Realm begins.

In the interim I have written a story that reflects one horrifying result of the desperation many facets of our current society are dealing with called "Like Ants on a Carcass".  I heard two news stories in one day that were frighteningly similar with a sad yet comical bend, so I took the idea and gave it a sad and horrific twist by taking said situation to the extreme. I'm pleased with the first draft and eager to tidy it up.

I have recently rewritten a story that I had entered into a writing competition last year.  The story had done terribly for many reasons, one of which was that I was too excited and didn't properly edit.  As a result there were a few embarrassing typos, however the commentary by the others in the contest was very helpful in directing me away from the worn-out monster with tentacles and the typical POV I had been using. Now the story has an original villain that better reflects the deeper meaning of the story, and with the shuffle of my lead character I think it is a far more engaging and affective read.  And, of course, I will have to clean this one up before submitting (maybe a few times for good measure).

With first drafts of those stories finished, I have resumed working on my latest novel In Black, which is coming along nicely. I have been hitting 500 words a day, which isn't too shabby for a guy who has been working a day job and then coming home to work on his house until 10 PM just about every night for the past week and a half.  What is it they say, if you can't fit writing into your busy schedule, then you may want to reconsider being a writer? I don't know what they say, but it's something like that. And who the hell are they anyway? In Black is coming along nicely. I am writing it using the stream of consciousness method, which I am trying to steer away from if for nothing else that to see if there are more effective ways to write books. I'm always interested in trying new methods. Having no idea how the book will end or where it is going is kind of thrilling, and can be very exciting when the plot begins to take hold.  Recently I have hit a major development, which may have something to do with my recent 500 words a day (that may not be a lot of words for many other authors, but I'm kind of a slow writer, so it's very good for me, particularly on weekdays).

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate it.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Free PDF of Through the In Between, Hell Awaits

Through the In Between, Hell Awaits will be out very soon.  This means we need to create some buzz. If you would be interested in reading a free PDF of the book, please contact me HERE and I would be happy to get one to you. You wouldn't be required to post a review on amazon, however that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you! I appreciate your interest.