Sunday, July 13, 2014

TOC for Widowmakers, the James Newman Benefit Anthology

Take a look at those names! I'm in great company here, and I couldn't be more excited to help out by donating a story. If all of these authors promote the book when it is released (August, I believe), then I think we can sell enough copies to help with what I imagine is a daunting pile of hospital bills that James and his family are dealing with .

Here is a blog post from Brian Keene that explains what happened to James better than I could do here.

The title of the anthology is Widowmakers, which is a term used in forestry for a large limb broken and hanging or falling from a tree. Yes, it's a morbid title, but we are horror authors, so it's only fitting.

I will post more information once the book is released. It's going to be huge.

1. Blake Burkhead – “Widowmaker” (poem)
2. Bracken MacLeod – “In the Bones”
3. Brandon Ford – “A Walk in the Park”
4. Brett Williams – “Moonshine”
5. Brian Hodge – “Our Lady of Sloth and Scarlet Ivy”
6. Brian Keene – “The Ghosts of Monsters”
7. Charles R R...utledge– “The Beautiful Lady Without Pity: A Carnacki the Ghost-Finder Adventure”
8. Donn Gash – “Medicine Man”
9. Ed Kurtz– “Angel and Grace”
10. Elizabeth Massie – “Fear of Fish”
11. Evans Light – “Arboreatum” (novella)
12. Gary A. Braunbeck – “Iphigenia”
13. Gary Fry – “The Lurker”
14. Glen Krisch – “Gram Knows”
15. J.F. Gonzalez – “Home”
16. Jack Bantry – “Vegetarians Don’t Bite”
17. James A. Moore – “Dead Gods – Book One” (novella)
18. Jeff Strand – “Death to Trees!”
19. Jenny Orosel – “Peggy Sang the Blues”
20. John Palisano – “Splinterette”
21. Kit Power – “Baptism”
22. Mark Allan Gunnells – Santa’s Little Spy”
23. Mary Genevieve Fortier – “Beyond this Tangled, Loathsome Wood” (poem)
24. Maurice Broaddus – “Collateral Casualties”
25. Mercedes Murdock Yardley – “She Called Him Sky”
26. Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason – “A Church in the Middle of Nowhere”
27. Mir Plemmons – “Deafening Silence”
28. Norman Prentiss – “Burls”
29. Patrick Lacey – “The Lynnwood Vampires”
30. Paul Anderson – “Grownups”
31. Pete Kahle – “Meeting Momma”
32. Peter Giglio – “Cages”
33. Ray Garton – “The Guy Down the Street” (novelette)
34. Robert Essig – “Molting”
35. Ronald Kelly – “Impressions in Oak”
36. Rose Blackthorn – “Contemplating Corners” (poem)
37. Shane McKenzie – “Don’t You Want to Play with Us?”
38. Shawna L. Bernard – “Late Lunch at The Eddie Bear”
39. Sheri White – “Things Happen Here After Dark”
40. TG Arsenault – God Be Damned”
41. Tim Marquitz – “Sperare Victor”
42. Tim Waggoner – “Conversations Kill”
43. Todd Kiesling – “When Karen Met Her Mountain” (novelette)
44. Tom Martin – “The Kid in the Werewolf Mask”
45. Tracy L Carbone – “Hazel’s Twin”
46. Usman Tanveer Malik – “Hearts in Reverse”