Monday, February 28, 2011

The Road to Hell -- Now in Print!

That's right, The Road to Hell is now available in print at amazon or postmortem press.

Post Mortem Press present four novellas:

Number Six by Joseph Williams Have you ever been to Hell? Zach hadn’t. Not until he lost his job, girlfriend, car, and home over the course of just a few hours. In his quest to find solace in isolation and introspection, Zach finds depravity beyond any fathomable nightmare. Zach has found the true meaning of freedom discovering it’s not as wonderful as he figured. Freedom has consequences, and God isn’t always the only one with a plan for you.

Cemetery Tour by Robert Essig Three college students decide to spend their Spring Break taking a driving tour of cemeteries across the southwest of America. When they discover a dug up grave in one of the cemeteries their trip becomes much more than they had anticipated.

Mistress of a Higher Purpose by Daniel Pearlman In 2035, bad luck tosses beautiful Rose Langley from a prison in New York to a strange environmentalist slave-camp run by scientists in Idaho. A series of abusive men have frustrated her deepest desire--to have a child of her own--but her jailers in Idaho miraculously offer her this, and freedom too. The price is gigantic, however.

Enslavement by Nicholas Conley Addiction is an easy trap to fall into. It starts out small. It turns into a habit. Given enough time, it becomes enslavement. Six individuals, each suffering from their own individual addiction, are kidnapped one night and wake up on an empty, moving train. There are no exit doors, no outside contact, the train is an endless maze of identical compartments and the group is terrorized by monstrous “Grey-Men.” As they struggle to understand the unseen force that’s thrown them together, it becomes clear that there’s only one way off the train; they must either overcome their dark histories and self-doubts, or drown in them.

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