Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Excerpt From "Pantomime"

Here is a short excerpt from the title story from my new Pantomime chapbook available from Panic Press.  Just a tiny taste.  If you like what you read, you can buy the book in print HERE, or the kindle version HERE

     "Clyde!  You've made a terrible mistake."  Thomas stared into the glass as he spoke. 
     Curious as to what he was so intent on, Clyde stepped beside him to have a look.  His eyes filled the lenses of his glasses, his mouth agape.
     Pantomime had its face against the glass staring at Thomas with the most evil expression imaginable.  The face was bright red with a mouth full of sharp gleaming teeth that up until now Clyde hadn't seen.  On its head were two horns that were much larger than the mild lumps Clyde had seen before.  It looked like a demon and was clearly angry in its confinement.
     "I've never seen them like this before," Thomas whispered.  "Never."
     "Them?  Pantomime is the only one."

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