Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Method for My Next Writing Project

I finished my first novel over a year ago and have been shopping it around for the past year.  I've began two novels since without finishing either of them.  The first made it to around 30K words and the second around 15K.  They will be finished eventually, but while I was writing them I became sidetracked due to other projects.  In that time I wrote a novella that is currently submitted that capped in around 20K and a slew of short stories, of course (I can't stop writing shorts).

So, now I'm beginning a third novel and I'm trying something different.  Not because of the previous two books being abandoned for the moment, but because I have felt for a long time that keeping track of the work count hinders the creativity, for me at least.  So that's what I'm doing for this project.  I'm not going to check the word count even one time before I'm finished.  It may be a novel, may be a novella, but whatever it becomes, the plot is spewing from my brain like a train out of control on a slope.  I just hope I can harness it before it derails.  The tentative titles have been Angel-whore Rising and Death Fraud.


  1. I can empathize with that feeling. Good post.

  2. Thanks! I'm done with word counts.