Friday, November 26, 2010

Uncanny Allegories -- Out Now!!

My contributor's copy of Uncanny Allegories arrived in the mail today.  It's beautiful!  This is the inaugural release from Post Mortem Press, and I have to say they did a fine job.  One doesn't always know what to expect when dealing with a brand new publisher.  Thus far they have been nothing but cordial, and I will be submitting stories to them in the future.

Now, the book looks great, but what about the stories?  Are they any good?  Well, they chose mine to close the anthology out, so you better bet they're good!  Actually, I haven't read any yet.  The book arrived only a half an hour ago, but I do have high hopes.
My story is called "A Night to Last Forever".  Hatch finds himself drunk in his study, looking out the window where his wife's body dangles from a noose.  He can hardly believe he found it in himself to do such a thing, but after what she did... Well, as he sits there drinking in her death and his whiskey, things become permuted.  Some nights just seem to last forever.

Uncanny Allegories is on sale at Post Mortem's website as well as

If you choose to buy this anthology, and you really should, be sure to review it after reading it. 

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