Friday, November 26, 2010

Jumping on the Blog Train

So I'm hitching a ride on the blog train.  I'm the guy in the back with ominous blood stains on my clothes sharing a bottle in a brown paper bag with some rot-toothed, filthy derelict.  Perhaps with some followers and posts worth reading I'll be able to ditch the cargo hold for a warm seat and a scotch rather than this Thunderbird or, more fittingly, Night Train that the hobo has offered me.  I suppose I could tell him a story to pass the time. 

I'm Robert Essig, horror author/editor.  Over 30 of my stories have made their way into a variety of publications including Bards and Sages Quarterly, Tales of the Talisman, Withersin, The Zombist (Library of the Living Dead), Hungur, and Everyday Weirdness.  I am the editor of the anthologies Through the Eyes of the Undead (Library of the Living Dead), and Malicious Deviance (Library of Horror).  Look for my work forthcoming in Necrotic Tissue, several Blood Bound Books releases, and a few Library of the Living Dead anthologies amongst other venues.

Here's to good writing! 

Robert takes a pull from the hand-warm bottle of Night Train and wipes his chops with a bloodied sleeve.  He glances at the door from the cargo hold to the warm train.  His gaze returns to the hobo's crazy eyes and black toothed grin.  Robert begins telling the old bastard a story.

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