Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Smashing Review for Darker Minds

While haunting the Shocklines board today I noticed a thread for the Darker Minds anthology. Having a story in this fine anthology, I had to take a look. I discovered that there has been a review on the Ginger Nuts of Horror blog...and it's a damn fine review at that.

Each story was reviewed individually. Like any self-respecting author I scrolled down to read the comments about my story "Tale of the Abnormal Beauty Queen". The reviewer called it "brilliant". Nuff said.  Here's the link: Darker Minds Review. Check it out and read the reviews for all of the stories. There were only a few that the reviewer didn't care for, which is to be expected with any anthology.

My contributor copy arrived in the mail a week ago and it is a thing of beauty. Excellent cover art and a wonderfully composed interior. I'll be digging into it in the near future.


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