Sunday, September 16, 2012

DOA II Cover

Well, Blood Bound Books did it again.  Here is the cover for their forthcoming anthology of extreme splatterpunk style horror entitled DOA II. The cover was done by none other that Andrej Bartulovic. He has done several BBB covers such as Scarecrow and the Madness, as well as album covers and much more. He isn't called the Maggot Master for nothing.

Look at the names on that toe tag! I couldn't be more pleased to have a story accepted into this anthology, not only because I'll be sharing the pages with such talent (the toe tag names and so many others who I've heard were accepted into the book), but also because I had a story in the first volume and I just love working with Blood Bound Books. They are good people.

My offering to this sadistic collection of extreme horror is called "Dr. Scabs and the Hags of El Cajon". I only hope the story holds up to the title, and I think it does--it's a nasty one! As soon as a full table of contents is revealed I will post it here.


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