Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anatomy of Fear TOC

Here is the updated table of contents of my forthcoming eBook collection Anatomy of Fear:

1. The Devil's Workshop
2. Death in the Flower Fields of My Mind
3. Behind the Chipping Veneer
4. The Safest Place on Earth
5. Cacti Mirage
6. The Price of a Priceless Painting
7. Autumn Soup
8. A Crack in the Silver Lining
9. Bloodmobile
10. A Step Toward Redemption
11. People of the Ethereal Realm (excerpt)

From the original TOC I removed the story "Paranoid Rant."  Though it has already seen publication in the now defunct chapbook zine The Nocturnal Lyric, I'm just not fond of that one.  I added two stories that were originally published in the chapbook Pantomime.  That makes seven originals, three reprints and a sampling of my forthcoming novel People of the Ethereal Realm.

For .99 cents, it's a steal.  The manuscript is currently being edited.  Look for it in a few months.


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