Thursday, October 27, 2011

Current WIP, the Future of Through the Eyes 2, What's Up with People of the Ethereal Realm, and More.

How's that for a title?

So, as most if not all of you have heard, Twisted Library Press has cancelled all of their anthologies with the exception of the three that are completed and ready for publication.  The decision was due to economic strife and was necessary for the Library to remain.  A smart decision if you ask me, but the most difficult for Dr. Pus to make since he began publishing books.  This means Through the Eyes of the Undead 2 has been cancelled.  I have already notified the authors.  The good news in all this is that there were three new releases from the Twisted Library Press this month and more to come in the future.  The focus, for now at least, will be the three remaining anthologies and full length novels.  The Twisted Library is not dead, just scaling back and taking on a more sensible business plan.  Though so many of us were affected in one way or the other, I know it was the right thing for Doc to do.

As far as People of the Ethereal Realm goes (a future Twisted Library release), I was just emailed the final edits to go over, and then my editor will give the book one more read through for typos and to make sure it's nice and clean before being submitted to Mr. Tucker to be formatted.  The cover art is finished.  Has been for a few months, but I have elected not to share it yet.  I will, but I thought I would wait until the book was closer to release.  It's one kick ass cover.

And the current WIP... This is one hell of a nasty ride.  Cruelty, violence, madness, and clinging to the most tender of memories to keep one's self together.  This one is writing itself.  I was averaging about 2K words a day on it, but I had to slow it down due to the enormous amount of paperwork and time the process of buying a house eats up.  My wife and I have been jumping through hoops laced with dripping acid and ablaze with fire.  But it will be well worth it once we get into the house...just so long as there are no problems with inspections...

Anyway, the new story has had a title change.  It began as "That Sinking Feeling" and now, after listening to Sepultura on my ipod at work lately, it is called "Stronger Than Hate".  This is a far superior title for this nasty tale, and I think it represents all six of my primary characters in one way or the other.

Well, I'm going to hit the keys and try for 2K today.  So, what happened to all the business about not looking at word counts that I had been touting the entire time I wrote my last book?  Not sure.  I like to write them in whatever way they want to be written, and this one insists that I keep a keen eye on my word count.  Go figure.


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