Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Brief Rant

I was going to post this on facebook, but then I realized that I don't go to facebook to read rants like this.  Sure, there are plenty of them on there, and sometimes I take a moment to read them, but I decided that it isn't what I go there for, and so, rather than be a hypocrite, I decided to post it here.  I wrote this because of so many posts I read day in and day out (well, a few times a week.  I don't go to facebook daily).  Some people are just so adamant that they are right, but are they?  This isn't directed toward anyone in particular, in fact it's directed toward myself as much as anyone else.  And really, it's just a rant and nothing more. 


It's interesting to see how passionate people get about political issues.  On either side of the fence so many people think they are absolutely correct in their convictions to the point, in my opinion, of default.  Sure, I am passionate about my opinions, but I always leave room to hear the opposing views.  Cutting out the opposing views and labeling them negatively without even hearing them out is foolish; it's a monologue.  Justified "change" can only come from passionate dialogue, where all views are mulled over and discussed.  A fight may break out.  So be it.  That's life.  But in the end, a weaving of thoughts and ideas may create one cohesive agreement amongst those involved in the dialogue...and still there will be those outside of the dialogue who disagree.  That's life.  We will never agree with one another 100% of the time.  That's impossible unless people are brainwashed or terrified for their lives.  Accept it and move on.  Agree to disagree.

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