Monday, September 26, 2011

Finished Two Stories This Week

Finishing a story is always a great feeling.  I haven't been writing shorts as much as I used to.  I seem to get one out here and there, usually when I have an idea that won't let go, and I plow through it in a few days without working much on anything else.  Thing is, my Works in Progress folder is becoming inundated with stories that are started and rarely finished.  Sometimes it seems as if I lose steam when I don't finish a story during the session in which I begun it.  The glimmer that drew me in leaves and I just don't see the potential any longer.  Sometimes I troll through that graveyard and finish one of the stories, but many of them have been lying dormant for quite some time.  Some are plain out useless.  Others are downright foolish.

Sure felt good to finish two this week.  One I wrote in two days, and the other I had started a few weeks ago for a specific anthology.  I'll have to re-read the guidelines, because the story ended up pretty brutal.  On top of that, I made some good progress on the final scene of my second novel, of which I had become frustrated with.  I've also begun to edit stories for Through the eyes of the Undead 2.

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