Monday, June 5, 2017

Monthly Newsletter #4 June 2017

Thanks for taking a gander at my little newsletter. I will briefly discuss my latest ventures into horror fiction, a book I would like to suggest, some pictures of my recent book and record acquisitions, and more. It will only take you a few minutes, so take the ticket (it's free!) and enjoy the ride.


The big news is that my latest Grand Mal Press release, Brothers in Blood, has been released. This is a short novella e-book exclusive. FREE for kindle unlimited subscribers and only $1.99 to buy. I think that's a very fair price for a 26K word story, and I hope you check it out. If you have read it or plan to do so, I would love to hear what you think. Reviews on Amazon can make or break the visibility and success of a book, so do all authors a favor and review their books. It really does help.

Brothers in Blood is a story about a pair of demented twins who murder people for very different reasons. One of them has a caregiver who is finally getting her life together, but it looks like her ex is back, and he wants something from her that she cannot give him.

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre with twins!" -- Jack Bantry, author of The Lucky Ones Died First

You can get Brothers in Blood in the US, and in the UK. It is available from Amazon worldwide, so you should have no trouble finding it.

Also in news, I will have a short story in the forthcoming San Diego Horror Professionals Vol. 3. The story was originally published years ago in a little known anthology. I cut a lot of the fat, rewrote some parts, and changed the title to "Brain-Case Soiree." Should be out later this month.

Cool Read

I'm going to highlight a book that was originally published in 1968 called The Captors by John Farris. The copy I have was published in 1987 by Tor and is labeled as a horror novel, but this is really a mystery about a young woman who is kidnapped for ransom and then escapes, only something about
her is a little off when she returns home to her heartbroken mother and step father. As the book rolls along and the search for her kidnappers deepens, the reader begins to suspect just about everyone, and as the plot unfolds and you learn who the kidnappers are and what their motives are, things get very interesting. The book is a bit dated. Some of the themes were more poignant in the sixties than they are today, but I find that kind of charming. The mystery is fantastic, regardless.

Featured Fiction

I am putting the spotlight on my short story "Inflatable War" that was originally published in DarkFuse Magazine and then reprinted in a gorgeous little hardback called DarkFuse #4. I sold the foreign rights after being contacted by The French translation is now available in their annual anthology Tenebres 2017. This marks my very first foreign translation. How cool is that?

Book and Record Acquisitions

I haven't had luck with records lately, but I have bought a HUGE amount of used mass market paperbacks since the last newsletter. I'm particularly happy about the Fritz Leiber first editions. Here are a few pics:

Closing Words

For those of you who took the ride, here we are at the end. It was a short ride, as I assured you it would be. I would like to thank everyone for their support, particularly those of you who downloaded a copy of Brothers in Blood. I know who some of you are, and you kick ass! I hate to sound like a broken record, but reviews are greatly appreciated. If you happen to be reading this and you review books on a website, blog, etc., email me HERE and I will provide you with a copy for your preferred e-reader.

That's all for now. Summer is here. If that's your sort of digs, then have fun in the sun. As for me, this is the beginning of the worst part of the year. I hate the sun and heat. I'm already looked forward to Fall.

Until next time...

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