Saturday, June 18, 2016

Great Review of In Black...and an Interview!

Thanks to Joseph Williams for agreeing to read my book In Black for review, and double thanks for enjoying it enough to offer me the opportunity to be interviewed. It's a great, in depth review. Perhaps the best I've received to date.

"Robert Essig doesn’t hold anything back in In Black. It’s the sort of balls-to-the-wall horror that makes you want to cleanse your reading palate afterwards because it’s so intense, grotesque, and unflinching that you need to ingest some lighter material just to interact with normal society again."

"...Chase’s reactions in high-pressure situations are the most understandable and most realistic of almost any character I’ve read in a novel recently."

Those are just two samples I pulled from the review. Read the entire review HERE, and don't forget, there's an interview too!

In Black is available at all major online book stores, such as Amazon (US) & Amazon (UK).

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