Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Black Madness Hell Awaits

I am reissuing my back catalog with Grand Mal Press. It isn't an especially impressive back catalog, but it's mine and I'm happy to have these titles back in print and ebook once again. They aren't all available yet, we're working on it, but as soon as they are I will tell the world, and I hope you, yes you, help make these titles a success.

First up is Through the In Between, Hell Awaits. This one has been out of print for about a year (not long, right?). I was going to let this one rest a while, for no reason in particular, but decided to get it out there again. Second up is In Black. This one was published last year by a different press that went belly up only six months after the book was released. The book never even had a chance, as far as I'm concerned. The last release will be The Madness, which has been out of print for several years. This one is getting a massive revision as I've become a much better writer since it was originally published by Blood Bound Books as a novella double feature with the wonderful Craig Saunders, who is about as prolific as they come (you should read his work if you haven't done so yet. You'll thank me later).

I will post updates and links and all that happy stuff as each title makes it though the process. If you are interested is reviewing any one of these titles on your website, blog, etc., let me know and I will get you a copy. You can leave a comment, drop by my facebook page and leave a message or email me at robertessig.writer (@)

Through the In Between, Hell Awaits is available for kindle download HERE. Paperback is soon to follow.

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