Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cover Art for Salpsan

The cover art has been finished for Salpsan, my forthcoming novella from Damnation Books. Gotta say I like it. Captures the tone of this gothic story quite nicely. I will post more information as the publication date nears.

Marion Fleicher has been stripped of her nursing license and ostracized in her homeland for an act of sheer compassion. Desperate to help the sick and needy, and struggling on a fixed income, she takes a job as a private nurse. She finds herself in the Spanish countryside at the door to a dilapidated old house wondering if she’s made a mistake. Behind the door is a motley trio: a servant-man who is as shady as a shadow and sneaky as an imp, Terrance Adler, Marion’s ambiguous employer, and her patient, who is in desperate need of a doctor. Will she be able to help her patient or will she die trying?

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