Saturday, May 31, 2014

Splatterpunk # 5 - OUT NOW!

Fiction: Adam Cesare, Shane McKenzie, Monica J. O’Rourke, John Boden. Art: Dan Henk, Jim Agpalza, Daniele Serra, Frank Walls. Interview: Jeff Burk. Non-Fiction: Nathan Robinson, Shane McKenzie, Jack Bantry. Reviews: Gabino Iglesias, Robert Essig, Nathan Robinson, Jack Bantry.

In this issue I review Pus Junkies by Shane McKenzie and Animosity by James Newman. Wanna know what I think of those books? You better grab a copy of Splatterpunk #5 before they sell out, because they always sell out. Just look at the list of contributors and tell me you don't want this mag. I'll look you dead in the eyes and tell you you're lying. Trust me, you want this.

Order your copy HERE.

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