Friday, April 18, 2014

Brain Damage (Dark Side of the Tomb)

Sit back, drink some mushroom tea, put that Pink Floyd record on the turntable. You know the one. Dark Side of the Moon. Embrace the popping and hiss as the time-worn needle abuses old vinyl. Your mind wanders. The familiar tunes you've heard on you local classic rock station over and over and over begin to change. Subtle at first, and then the song Brain Damage seeps into your cranium and you realize that this is not the Pink Floyd you grew up on. This is something else altogether:

The Zombie walks upon the grass
The zombie walks upon the grass
Remembering brains and blood and guts and laughs
Got to keep the zombies on the path

The zombie creeps within the hall
The Zombies creep within my hall
Dead hands rip the flesh as brains fall to the floor
And everyday they moan for more

And if the crypt breaks open many years too soon
And if there's no more room in Hell
And when your head explodes we'll feast upon the goo
I'll eat you on the dark side of the tomb

The zombies feat upon my brains
The zombies feast upon my brains
You bare your teeth, you make the change
You eat my flesh and I'm insane

Walk through the door
Zombies I can see
Someone eats my brain, but it's not me

And if your head bursts, blood comes out your ears
You shout and no one seems to hear
If the rotters start to kill beneath the moon
I'll eat you on the dark side of the tomb

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