Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Cramped" - Free Short Story

If you weren't aware, there's a place on the Grand Mal Press website that features free short fiction from some of the GMP authors. The purpose for this is pretty simple: read a short story, get the gist for a writers style, and then buy their book if you feel so inclined. Of course, you could always use the feature on amazon that allows you to read the first several pages, but why not read an entire short story? Did I mention that it's free? Yep. My short story "Cramped" has recently been added and I think you, yes you, will like it. I would also suggest reading the other stories available.

If you're still not sure whether to go from my short piece right on over to Amazon to buy my Grand Mal release, Through the In Between, Hell Awaits, then  I suggest you use Amazon's preview feature and read the first paragraph. It's a hell of a hooker if I say so myself (easily my favorite opening of anything I've written).

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