Friday, April 12, 2013

The Rolling Stones' Tour Set List Revealed

That's right, folks! The set list for the Rolling Stones' upcoming "These Old Bones" tour has finally been revealed. This is rock 'n roll at its very best. All your favorite hits spanning entire lifetimes!

(Can't Get No) Metamucil
Get Off of My Lawn
Stop Me Up
Angie O' Plasty
Homely Old Woman
As Years Go By (alt. title: As Peers All Die)
Time is NOT on My Side
Hobblin' Jack Crash
Charlie Horses (Keep Me Up All Night)
Under My Cane
Grandma's Little Helper

So bring your adult kids, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren because it's going to be a rockin'(chair) good time! Tickets starting at $1,000 dollars.

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