Sunday, March 24, 2013

MUTE by Jeffrey Hale

Mute by Jeffrey Hale, the latest release from Grand Mal Press, is now available: HERE.

They came from the sea. They came from the shadows. They came from the sewers. But what are they, and what do they want? No one knows. Their thirst for blood is insatiable. They scramble from city to city, spreading destruction and death in their wake. Some call them “Mutes.” Some call them “Mimes.” Their names are synonymous with terror.

Fortunately, there are a few brave enough to stand against the monsters and risk their lives for the greater good; for the survival of the human race. Will they withstand the brutal assault? Or will they fall in the attempt?

Only time will tell.

"Hale knows how to keep the apocalypse fresh while hitting those classic decaying notes. A worthy addition to the genre."
David Dunwoody. author of EMPIRE and THE HARVEST CYCLE

"Mute is a classic horror B-movie in book form, and I mean that as a major compliment. Hot chicks, sex, psychotic mental patients, and cannibal mutants – and that's just the first few chapters! This book is rollicking good fun!" – JG Faherty, author of The Burning Time, Carnival of Fear, Cemetery Club,and the Bram Stoker Award-nominated Ghosts of Coronado Bay

"Mute reads like a young Stephen King." -Iain McKinnon, author of Domain of the Dead

“Jeffery Hale brings us a frightening and very human look at a savage world in ruins, but this isn't your average post apocalypse novel. Forget zombies; beware the Mutes! This book will keep you turning the pages and yearning for another taste, and the ending will leave you speechless!” – Robert Essig, author of Through the In Between, Hell Awaits

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