Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's been too long...

...Since I posted here. Shame on me.

I am always thinking about which direction to take my writing, which publishers to contact and submit to, and what the future holds. In the end, it's all about sitting down in front of the ole laptop and punching keys to form words and string them together into sentences that, over a period of time, will create a story. Once the story is edited, chopped up, edited again, and scanned for annoying typos, well, then it's ready for submission. That's all I can do.

Or is it?

I have been spending more time writing in these two months of 2013 than on-line. I wrote a 67K word first draft in about 30 days, which is a record for me. In the tail end of 2012 and the first week or so of this year I wrote a 55K short novel that I'm now editing and revising as I write my next novella. Multitasking is a great and necessary thing.

I neglect my blog from time to time and I hate myself for that. I know I should keep the blog and facebook current, but I find that I would rather write stories than blog posts. At work I think of good subjects, but by the time I get home, eat dinner, spend time with the family, all I want to do is write stories. I want to rectify this and post on here at least once a week. Can I manage that? I suppose we'll see.


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