Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anatomy of Fear -- A Little Something I'm Working On

I have been deliberating on whether or not to jump onto the self published eBook bandwagon.  I had been vehemently against it for some time, but like so many American politicians, I have flip flopped and decided that it may be something worthy of my endeavor.

That being said, I have come up with nine short stories--two of them previously published and the others brand new--along with an excerpt from my forthcoming novel People of the Ethereal Realm (providing the publisher allows me the privilege), to be collected in a volume of which I have titled Anatomy of Fear.  I may add another reprint or even another original story to this preliminary roster, but that waits to be seen.

The primary purpose of this novella length collection is to promote People of the Ethereal Realm.  Yes, I hope readers enjoy the stories, but my bigger hope is that they enjoy the writing and decided to give PotER a chance when it comes out.

I have done a cover mock up.  I am proud of what I have done, which isn't much when you consider the image is from a centuries old anatomy book, which puts it in the public domain.  I will do a few more mock ups and weigh my options, but I really like what I have here.

Below is a list of the nine stories that are going to be included in this volume:

1. The Devil's Workshop
2. Death in the Flower Fields of my Mind
3. The Price of a Priceless Painting
4. The Safest Place on Earth
5. Cacti Mirage
6. Paranoid Rant
7. Autumn Soup
8. Behind the Chipping Veneer
9. Blood Mobile


  1. Looking forward to it, Robert, and the cover is great.

  2. Thanks, Craig. I have a lot of work ahead of me since I hardly know what the hell I'm doing.