Monday, December 26, 2011

X-mas and Other Stuff

Been a while since I posted here.  Shame on me.

Just had a fantastic Christmas.  Three days that were so full with family, good food, good cheer, and opening gifts that it's all a blur.  The house is still a semi-mess from our Christmas Eve party.  My 2 (almost 3) year old son had a blast.  Such a drastic change from last Christmas.  I hope everyone out there had an equally great holiday.

That being said, I got some cool stuff.  Cassette tapes (yes, I still listen to those in the car), Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box (been looking forward to reading that one), clothes and other things too numerous to list.  I also got a Kindle touch, something I was almost certain I would never get because I was so adamantly against e-readers when they came out, fearing that their presence would mark the end of the paper book, which, for a variety of reasons, I don't believe is going to happen (that's fodder for another post).

My parents bought the kindle for me and my mother had already had it linked to her amazon page, so it had several books on it.  Stuff she reads like Danielle Steele that I'll never read, however two books containing novellas I wrote were on the Kindle.  I kept those ones so I could read the other authors (yes, I have print copies, but this is a great way to begin my Kindle experience).  I also went on amazon and bought a few books, most of them only a buck.  You can't beat that with a dead rat.

I finally read Craig Saunders' Scarecrow from our book Scarecrow and the Madness.  An excellent read.  Craig has a fluid style and weaves a masterful story of an ill fated meeting with a band of gypsies.  I appreciated the bits of humor here and there, which makes me look forward to his Grand Mal release, of which, if I'm not mistaken, is a humorous tale.  Craig is a pal of mine, and also a writer who will always be on my radar.

I bid you all farewell.  I have a Kindle that needs to be broken in, and there are stories to be written.


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