Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pantomime chapbook -- OUT NOW!

Out now from Panic Press: Pantomime by Robert Essig

Pantomime is a trio of dark tales sure to chill you to the marrow.  In the title story you will read about a house that contains an entity and the disasters of science interfering with the uncanny process of the supernatural.  In A Step Toward Redemption you’ll find out that the past haunts, and sometimes it takes an atrocity to make things right.  Can a man with a heinous past truly redeem his soul?  In the final tale, The Old Man, you’ll discover that some things are stronger than life itself, and some folks will go to extreme measures in the name of love, as one old man discovers when an even older man appears on his front porch looking as if he has one foot in the grave.  After reading Pantomime you may very well wonder about the creaks in the night or that sudden chill or if the glowing eyes in the closet is the cat or something else, something unnatural, something evil.  Just remind yourself that the paranormal does not exist.

You can purchase a copy of this chapbook HERE.  With your purchase your will receive a free t-shirt with the cover art on it.

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